Shane was my KT Program Leader checkout coach. I spent four days with him during the “first teach” and it was a priceless learning experience for me. Shane is very knowledgeable at rational processes, has high energy levels, is fun to work with and is one hundred percent committed to the job.
Lavanya Nyayapathi
Shane was able to present his training to a skeptical audience and made believers out of us. Very professional and personable.
Over my 20 years working within the technology arena I’ve seen dozens of consultants and trainers. Most of them were good, and even a few were not so good. Shane is definitely on the top of the good list. After working with Shane I found he not only was relaxed and calm even when the situation around him wasn’t; but he was professional, helpful and easy to work with. Shane has an incredible talent to see past the problem and look towards solutions. Shane made my experience with Kepner-Tregoe better than I could have ever expected.
I could not be any more pleased with the level of integrity, professionalism, and personability that Shane brought to our company. His deep knowledge base combined with his ability to keep people engaged makes the lessons from Kepner-Tregoe really hit home. If you are considering a problem-solving consultant, Shane will surely give you your money’s worth and more.
Shane did a marvelous job as instructor for the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management workshop 2/14-2/16. His vast knowledge of the subject area and great sense of humor kept the class firing on all cylinders the whole way through. I highly recommend Shane.
I and a number of colleagues from Economical took the KT Resolve course from Shane. Right away, Shane was very engaging, and he challenged everyone. He not teaches it but he applies it, and he knows how to help you apply the concepts. I also teach similar courses for Conestoga College, and Shane showed me how the KT concepts could apply there as well. I have recommended the KT program to the College, because of Shane. Awesome course… everyone should take it!
Shane is a dynamic, energetic trainer and faciliator. He engages the participants in a personal and meaningful way, making the training relevant to their lives and work situations. I hope to work with Shane again soon.
I had the great pleasure of participating in a KT training course taught by Shane Chagpar. He took what could have been a very dull subject matter and made it fun and exciting. I very much looked forward to coming in the next day and seeing what new and exciting things Shane was going to present to us. If you are thinking of offering KT training courses at your company, I would high recommend that you request Shane be the presenter. You won’t be disappointed believe me. I’m really hoping my company bring back KT for more courses along with Shane.
I had an opportunity to be introduced to the principles of KT Resolve by Shane Chagpar. What could have been very abstract concepts were made real by not only by Shane’s skillful and highly energetic presentation, but by his expert understanding of both KT principles and the technical world many of his students come from. His ability to apply KT principles to real life examples demonstrated to even the most skeptical student the principles can improve the timeliness and accuracy of troubleshooting in the real world. Shane’s passion for his work is contagious, and his skills as a facilitator are exemplary.
Shane delivered a three day K-T training session with poise and grace that was well received by the participants. His precise vocabulary and polished, but uncomplicated delivery ensured the concepts were understood by all. Shane listened to suggestions and made improvements to the presentation where warranted. It was a pleasure to attend his course.
Shane is brilliant. He is a definite Subject Matter Expert in his field and can easily move any company or organization into a positive direction. Shane is hardworking and intelligent. He takes the time to understand situations and performs brilliantly. Shane is a very honest and trustworthy and always over delivers. He is also a rapport building master! I had the opportunity to work with Shane a university competition. Shane’s presentations skills were great and he was able to present to different groups and facilitate activities without ever faltering! He is fun to work with and would be a breathe of fresh air in any organization.
Shane by virtue is the Ideal Trainer & Presenter for the KT (Kepner Tregoe)…..I really appreciate the skills through which he taught us the KT methodology. Shane is a very professional, talented and outgoing individual. Its Indeed great honour to have opportunity to recommend Shane. All the very best to him for all this future assignments……. Mustafa
Mustafa Limbdiwala
Shane provided excellent training on Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving & Decision Making course. He has deep understanding of the topics he was delivering and provided excellent facilitation of case studies. He kept the class deeply involved and got the knowledge easily understood and remembered by the students. Excellent work done.
The training material from KT was good. Shane brought it alive. His ability to cover the concepts and then make a connection to our daily environment was the key in making us understand the material that he was presenting. His combination of knowledge, confidence, and humility made the presentation just that much more effective.
Great material, great instructor! The KT Problem Solving and Decision Making class was one of the most information packed and useful learning experiences that I have had. I am already putting the powerful tools into action in my current work. The class instructor, Shane Chagpar, was the key to completing the three day course with virtually 100% retention of a practical working knowledge of the material. Shane’s energy, passion and expertise kept the material interesting throughout the intense, day long sessions. He expertly facilitated participation by all attendees, as well as patiently responded to questions in a manner that further taught the group.
Shane was one of two lead instructors on my Kepner-Tregoe Program Leader course. Shane was very easy to work with and had a great classroom presence, his insight was very valuable and most welcomed. Shane is a very professional, talented and outgoing individual, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and would welcome the opportunity to partner with him in the future.
Shane is an amazing presenter. I met Shane during the November PMI dinner in Albany. Shane came in to present information on Kepner-Tregoe. I can’t say enough on how well he did this. I could have stayed there for hours listening to the topic. The information that Shane presented was interesting, but it’s how Shane presented it, that made the event so much fun. By far, the best meeting I’ve seen at the PMI dinners in over 3 years. He had the crowd eating out of his hand, and I can only hope that one day in the future, I’m able to take the 3 or 5 day class with Shane teaching it. He is an asset to any company that hires him. Excellent work.
My entire exposure to Shane was a one hour presentation which he made during the November 2010 Upstate New York Project Management Institute Chapter meeting. Wow! What a powerful presentation. Of course, the subject matter came from Kepner-Tregoe but the impact came from Shane. Shane presented incredibly relevant and potent management advice. His presentation skills are amazing. He has strong confidence with no arrogance or pretence. He is appropriately funny and entertaining. He makes one want to immediately enroll in a Kepner-Tregoe course with the stipulation of having Shane as the facilitator. My humble opinion is that if you see a course offered by KT and led by Shane Chapgar, you should take it! You will thoroughly enjoy it and you will come away with a highly effective problem solving process.
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I was working with Shane when I participated in a Kepner Tregoe training course conducted by Shane. KT method is a structured simplistic process for problem solving to provide fast, economic and systematic solution for complex problems. I.e. Use minimum resources (brain, CPU, $ etc). Shane is excellent trainer, who clearly explains this trouble shooting methodology s.t. you can apply this process to improve your problem solving capability. Shane is a good listener, taking up, clarifying and responding to complex questions. As a person I find Shane open-minded and trusting, always positive and optimistic. Shane has a good sense of humour, as well as understanding how to co-operate and create consensus across customers and cultures. Shane is an enthusiastic self motivating character, with strong power to get things moving.
Shane delivered a KT-resolve class for Verizon. His expert knowledge and delivery were flawless. I was impressed by his teaching skills and the way he introduced appropriate fun and humor to the class to keep it interesting. He obviously enjoys his work very much. I highly recommend Shane as a proffessional.
I attended the KT-Resolve training program and my trainer was Shane. Shane took the training so balanced that he led to proper emphasis on all topics and at the end we felt so complete attending the training with so many hidden truth which we dint know in analyzing a problem and getting the rite output Shane – I feel proud to have a met a person like you, you are so Indian, so humble, modest and i wish the very best in all your endeavours and would like to get your class again and meet you
Shane is an excellent presenter with engrossing energy, creativity and passion with a poignant attention to techical details.
I spent two days with Shane as instructor, on a Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making course. It was definitely a worthwhile use of my time as Shane was a wonderful instructor. He kept the class interesting and was good at using real life examples to convey new concepts. Shane’s technical background make him unique amongst coaches of professional skills and processes.
Shane provided excellent training for problem analysis, evaluation and resolution with Kepner-Tregoe. He motivated, guided and taught all members of the class in a very interactive presentation fashion way This kind of classes with a lot of theory content turns monotonic and tedious but Shane knows how to sort these difficulties out and like I said he made it so interesting with an excellent knowledge of these problem analysis strategies. I think he would be a pretty good entertainer as well 🙂 Congratulations Shan for this excellent work done. Cuau
Shane provided an outstanding presentation on the Kepner Tregoe problem solving process. Shane very professionally presented the five day course in a highly informative, entertaining manner which kept the entire class engaged and enthusiastic.
Shane’s way to teach is both efficient and fun. The agenda and time schedules are solid but at the same time there is enough time and room for opinions, questions and hands on excercies. Also great examples from normal day to day life that makes it easy to put pieces in place. The pace of training and speech are great and clear which make it easy to follow even for a person who do not speak English as a mother tongue. Shane is really focused to what he teaches and makes sure that the message is understood. This proves commitment to his job.
We hired Kepner to help our engineering team’s fine tune our own critical thinking skills which would help expedite mean time to repair. What we got from our trainer Shane was unexpected and ended up being a terrific set of lessons on critical thinking process skills that will last a lifetime across many disciplines. This training was not industry specific training although Shane made it his personal goal to apply these examples to our industry (and did it very well) which made it many times more relevant for our teams. Shane was engaged at all times with each one of us and you always felt like he was genuinely interested in helping you improve your personal skill set. He was a pleasure working with and when we do have his company return for phase 2 of training we wont except anyone else but Shane to deliver that same level of care to our teams.
Shane is always “in the zone.” He is a high-energy, highly responsive business consultant who is savvy beyond his years. Shane served as both project manager and instructor for the first phase of our Kepner-Tregoe KT Resolve program. Our managers and engineers were so impressed by his expert knowledge and teaching that we decided to engage him as our global instructor for the next implementation phase. As a project manager, I’m always excited to see the best resource assigned to a task; because of his expert knowledge, superb communication skills, and his enthusiasm in the classroom, Shane is the best person to teach KT Resolve to our engineers. But it gets even better. Shane has become an essential player in Team Tellabs. He has become our trusted partner as we work to improve our global troubleshooting capability. He understands our business needs and anticipates how we can leverage KT knowledge and resources to meet those needs. I value Shane’s individual contribution to Tellabs just as much as I value KT’s work in total. I recommend both Shane and KT to any organization that is serious about improving their troubleshooting practices.
I recently had the pleasure of attending a structured Problem Analysis and Decision making course which was facilitated by Shane. Having taken part in many similar events over the years, it was with great admiration that I watched Shane deliver a flawlessly facilitated learning experience. His ability to stay true to the process and remain content neutral left each attendee with a feeling of “personal success”, which in my eyes, is the sign of a remarkable facilitator. I highly recommend Shane’s approach and professionalism, his expert knowledge of the subject material and method of delivery would be a credit to any organisation. Thanks Shane.
Shane provided KT training to the managers and then the leads for us at the Legislative Data Center. Shane was an energetic, knowledgeable, and fun trainer. I can use what I learned in this training in every aspect of my life. I want Shane to come back to train my whole team. He was great!
Shane was an incredible facilitator and maintained a high level of participation in the training. By bringing real world examples into the training we were able to actually resolve issues which continued to perplex our enterprise.
It is my great honour to have this opportunity to provide a recommendation for Shane. Shane and I were both heavily involved with the Impact Organization. The purpose of this organization is to promote entrepreneurship and leadership in Canada. I must confidently state that Shane is one of the most hardworking individuals I have had the privilege of working with. I am so impressed by his educational and professional background. As an energetic, friendly and intellectual person, Shane has progressed very far in his career life. Without any further hesitation, I would like to recommend Shane to any organization he decides to join. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about Shane’s work.
Techie – at home with leading edge technology. Explorer – discovers new things from a spreadsheet. Artist – turns the results into items of beauty. Orator – communicates clearly. Learner – is on a lifelong journey. Rapport – great at selling and delivering. Hungry – give him more to do than he can and he will. Motivating – spreads his vigour and drive to others. Kind – thinks of the person behind the position. Caring – and show it every day.
I had the opportunity to work with Shane in planning a couple of projects and found him to be very bright, energetic, and insightful. His knowledge of information technology is very deep and broad.
Shane has an excellent work ethic. He is proactive, energetic and a very quick study. He consistently delivered high quality results for our clients. His technical skills are excellent. He delivered great out-of-the box thinking and solutions for new technology based service offerings for the firm and our clients.
Shane is invariably upbeat, brings great energy to the workplace and is fun to work with. I did not work directly with Shane, but on occasion observed him working with our clients, either on consulting projects or leading workshops. He has a clear, effective communication style and his good attitude is contagious. He has excellent technical skills and helped our firm improve our Internet presence, including as a lead generation tool. I would welcome any inquiries on Shane.
Shane is a highly professional, versatile consultant who has outstanding technical, business and interpersonal skills, which makes him a trusted advisor of our clients across the world.
I worked with Shane on a wide range of products during our time in university, and never failed to be impressed. Shane was consistently one of the hardest-working, most dedicated and genuinely innovative people I’ve ever known. He would often be in the lab longer, and working harder, than anyone else, and many a time would I find out that he’d arrived at a truly unique solution through his perseverance. He never failed to impress in anything at which we worked.
Since joining KT Shane has been able to have a considerable impact on our client engagements. His knowledge and experience help our Technology Practice expand its range of offerings and services to better meet client needs. His technological prowess and ability to rapidly convert business requirements into solutions is a true asset to our consulting firm. He is a smart, personable guy with huge reserves of energy. I truly appreciate his efforts and all that he brings to our firm.
Shane was an outstanding co-worker. His outgoing personality and intellectual nature made him a definite asset to Springs Industries.
Shane was essential in Requirement Gathering, Business Analysis and Application Build to deliver an end-to-end solution for a client. It was a pleasure working with such an astute analyst and technician.